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Artificial Intelligence in plain English.

AI Masterclasses to help you understand the capabilities and risks of AI in non-technical language.

AI Strategy to help you define the art of the possible for AI in your organisation.

AI Scaling to ensure your AI efforts are sustainable and repeatable.

Generative AI strategy to help you navigate the fast-changing world of Large Language Models and image generation.

AI Ethics to ensure you build responsible and fair AI.

This is AI for the real world.

The Promise of Artificial Intelligence

There are huge amounts of latent, hidden value in an organisation’s data. AI has the power to unlock that value to enable your business to increase competitiveness, mitigate risks and transform customer experience on an unprecedented scale.

But AI can be difficult to grasp and hard to do: the technology is inherently complex and the best talent is hard to come by.

Often there is insufficient focus on aligning AI efforts and value with the business strategy. Not enough consideration is given to how the AI will be deployed and managed once it has been developed.

Many organisations simply struggle to start their AI journey.

Supporting you on your AI journey

GreenhouseAI works across the AI lifecycle starting with a focus on building momentum and value during the initial stages of your AI journey. We educate our clients about AI, and develop AI strategies to ensure all opportunities are aligned with business objectives and are value-led. We help our clients build and scale innovative and transformative solutions quickly, robustly and ethically, or help them source and manage the very best AI vendors. We think big but act small – always starting with a low-risk proof-of-value. Sustainability, ethics and future-proofing of the AI are embedded in everything we do.

To get an immediate understanding of your organisation’s AI readiness take our 5-minute online AI Readiness Assessment. Just click on the button below:

The promise and risk of Generative AI

Large Language Models, such as ChatGPT and Gemini, and image generators, such as Stable Diffusion and MidJourney, have changed the AI landscape beyond recognition. The unprecedented speed at which these models have been developed and adopted has presented both huge opportunities but also massive risks for organisations. How can they be used in your business? Should you use one of the established models or look at open-source options? What are the costs? What are the security risks? Where is the Generative AI market heading?

GreenhouseAI is advising clients on all of these questions to help them navigate this fast-changing world. If you want to explore how generative AI can help your business whilst minimising the risks, then do get in touch.

The Ethics of AI

AI has the ability to deliver huge value but it also has the potential to cause great harm to individuals and to society. Many people now recognise that any AI shouldn’t be built without first considering the associated ethics.

In contrast to the many vague and ill-defined ‘AI ethical frameworks’ that exist, what is needed is an approach that is both robust and measurable, that looks at the strategic implications as well as the operational and technical aspects, and that provides clear guidance and actions to mitigate the risks of AI.

The GreenhouseAI approach to AI ethics works at three levels: an organisation-wide strategic perspective that focuses on developing an AI Ethics Code and implementable Strategy; an operational perspective that assesses individual AI projects’ data and AI ethics; and a technical perspective that focuses on the algorithms and how they are deployed.

The greenhouse intelligence proposition

GreenhouseAI overcomes the challenges of implementing artificial intelligence by delivering value-led AI. Rather than just focusing on building ‘cool AI apps’, we educate the business about AI, and create an AI strategy that aligns the technology directly with your business objectives and challenges.

We ensure that the AI can be embedded into the day-to-day operations of the business, working with the best data scientists, developers and vendors to realise value from AI over the long term.

We make AI boring by making it work for your business, creating value from AI that will make a real difference to your organisation.