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Using AI to Help Social Housing Tenants Avoid Rent Arrears

Our client, a large Housing Association that manages over 25,000 social housing properties, wanted to test if it is possible to use Artificial Intelligence to predict the likelihood of a tenant going into rent arrears. If successful the solution would be able to promote discussion with the tenant on appropriate and early interventions, such as financial support, prior to them actually going into arrears. The client would also be able to increase their support of tenants’ well-being [...]

Delivering AI to Support Parkinson’s UK During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Parkinson’s UK is Europe's leading Parkinson’s support and research charity. The organisation raises around £35m p.a. to drive better care, treatments and quality of life for those with Parkinson’s, their friends, family and their carers.. Parkinson's UK has been working hard to understand the value of its data and the benefits that it can deliver so it can support a key pillar of their strategy to be Fit for the Future: “proudly pioneering new ways [...]

Using AI to Keep Mobile Networks Working

Data is at the heart of many artificial intelligent (AI) applications, and the source of considerable value to those who own and control it. But many data-rich organisations do not understand how to extract all that value from it. This was the challenge facing Mobile Broadband Network Ltd (MBNL), a company jointly owned by mobile telecom carriers, EE and Three (H3G). MBNL provides and manages all of the telecom infrastructure for the two carriers, including [...]

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