greenhouse intelligence

Bringing together leaders from the field of business-focused artificial intelligence, greenhouse intelligence enables enterprises to exploit artificial intelligence at scale. Using AI platforms to provide rapid development and AI-As-A-Service, greenhouse quickly and effectively delivers strategic and transformative value to the business.

Full Lifecycle AI

greenhouse intelligence works across the AI lifecycle. We develop AI Strategies to ensure all opportunities are aligned with business objectives and are value-led. Our team of data scientists and developers build innovative and transformative solutions quickly, robustly and ethically. Sustainability and future-proofing of the AI applications are embedded in everything we do.

The Challenges of Artificial Intelligence

There are huge amounts of latent, hidden value in an organisation’s data. AI has the power to unlock that value through increased competitiveness, risk mitigation and customer experience enhancements.

But AI is difficult to grasp and hard to do: it’s a struggle even to get a project started as the technology is complex and the talent hard to come by.

Most often there is not enough focus on aligning efforts and value with the business strategy. Many organisations don’t consider how the AI will be deployed or managed once it has been developed. Thus the significant potential value that exists is never fully realised.

The greenhouse intelligence proposition

greenhouse intelligence overcomes the challenges of implementing artificial intelligence by delivering value-led AI across the full lifecycle. Rather than just focusing on building ‘cool AI apps’, we create an AI strategy that aligns the technology with your business objectives.

We ensure that the models we build can be embedded into the day-to-day operations of the business, managing and continually optimising the services to realise the overall value over the long term.

We make AI boring by making it work for your business, doing real stuff that will make a real difference. We take on the risks and challenges of doing AI, delivering an outsourced, managed AI function for your business.

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