With great power comes great responsibility…

Artificial Intelligence has the power to transform businesses. Its impact on society and the way we live our lives has already been profound. But AI can also cause harm, either through malicious acts or insufficient care in how it is designed and used.

At greenhouse intelligence we believe that AI should be used to enhance and augment human capabilities, not replace them. We believe that citizens should have control of their data and understand how AI is impacting them. We believe in a democratised AI.

Which is why we never build AI that causes anyone harm. We adhere to the principles laid down by the Institute for Ethical AI & Machine Learning to create responsible and ethical AI applications and services.

We also provide services pro bono where there is a strong social impact and need, such as our training work with St Mungo’s Recovery College. We work closely with organisations such as MindweaverAI to recruit talented people who may otherwise struggle to find work.

AI is a hugely powerful tool, and we will not shirk our responsibilities.