We are a full-lifecycle AI strategy, development and managed services consultancy

Working across the AI Lifecycle to deliver transformative value

greenhouse intelligence works across the AI lifecycle. Our team of data scientists and developers build innovative and transformative solutions quickly, robustly and ethically. We take on the risks and challenges of doing AI, delivering an outsourced, managed AI function for large enterprises. Read a case study here.

Building your AI Strategy to identify and prioritise the opportunities for AI

An AI Strategy provides you with a high-level understanding of where and how AI can be used across your organisation. The study assesses your organisation’s AI maturity and AI ambition, then creates a Heat Map to show which AI technologies are most relevant where. Each AI opportunity will have specific types of benefits associated with them which can be aligned with your company’s overall business strategy in order to prioritise each one. A Business Case and Roadmap, including candidates for a Proof-of-Value, are created to show how best to implement and roll out the technology.

Developing Proofs-of-Value to provide low-risk tests for the AI opportunities

Following on from your AI Strategy the next stage is to select one or two of the highest-ranked opportunities to build working prototypes in order to prove their value. A well-selected proof-of-value will build momentum within the organisation for AI, and deliver tangible value, as well as validating the business case. If it’s the first build, the proof-of-value will stress test your data capabilities, identifying and ironing out any early issues with availability and quality of the data.

Developing working AI Models and Solutions that can be used in production

greenhouse exploit accelerated development techniques such as design thinking and agile, and utilise leading-edge data science platforms and best-in-class vendor solutions in order to deliver value as quickly and as safely as possible. We also support your change management requirements and deploy associated technologies such as RPA and workflow tools to maximise the value that can be gained from implementing AI.

Ensuring your AI models and solutions are ethical, fair and transparent

As well as embedding ethical values into all of our AI work, we also advise on how your existing or planned AI systems meet current ethical standards and regulations. We look at AI Ethics at three levels: Strategic, Operational and Technical. We ensure that your AI models are unbiased, transparent and fair, from their inception to their day-to-day running.

Designing and supporting organisational and architectural solutions

Beyond the build of the AI solutions, you will need to ensure that you have the right organisation, resources and skills in place to manage the new technologies. greenhouse can support this process with strategy and design of the appropriate functions, such as a Centre of Excellence or an MLOps team. greenhouse can also support your enterprise architecture design, whether that is to integrate vendor solutions or provide the platform to enable AI development services.

Supporting the deployment and management of your AI systems

greenhouse supports your AI capabilities through a sustainable approach to the management and optimisation of all AI services, using secure AI deployment platforms on premises or in the cloud. This ensures the ongoing delivery of benefits, the continuous improvement of the models, future proofing of the technologies, and ongoing access to specialised resources.