Exploring the Challenges and Risks of AI

I was invited by HotTopics last year to talk at a couple of their roundtables as part of their Studio conference which brings together leaders from the world of technology. For one of the roundtables we were a person down, so it turned into a rather interesting one-to-one conversation with Thomson Reuters' journalist Djamilla [...]

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AI vs Covid-19

When I was first asked to write an article for the PR firm CommsCo on the impact of AI way back in February the world was a very different place. In the UK we were free to move around and the biggest sin was shaking hands with someone. Within a matter of weeks most [...]

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The Need to Democratise AI

The responsible and ethical use of AI is close to our hearts at greenhouse intelligence. Andrew Burgess, greenhouse's CEO, has been writing and speaking on the important aspect of the democratisation of AI. As well as his speech at the All Party Parliamentary Group on AI last year, he was also asked to write an [...]

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Speaking at the All Party Parliamentary Group on AI (APPG AI)

Andrew Burgess, CEO of greenhouse intelligence, provided evidence to the All Party Parliamentary Group on AI (APPG AI) at their session in October 2018, which focused on the impact of AI on trade. The meeting, which is held at the House of Commons, involves presenting a point of view and then answering questions from the [...]

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