Foam, sweet foam

Researchers at the National University of Singapore have developed a smart foam material that allows robots to sense nearby objects, and to repair themselves when damaged. The self-repairing ability comes from creating a spongy material that fuses easily into one piece when it is cut. The sense of touch, as this Reuters report explains, comes from "infusing [...]

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‘Please put down your cigarette. You have 20 seconds to comply’

In Singapore, the government have been trialling robotsto patrol housing estates and shopping centres in order to detect 'undesirable social behaviour'. It's not quite Robocop, but it's certainly moving in that direction. The robots have 7 cameras and shout out warnings to residents and shoppers whom it detects (using AI) are breaking the myriad [...]

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When working from home is your only option

Most articles about robots show a shiny machine with a smiley face trying very hard to provide some trivial service to a human. Most examples end up just being marketing hype and novelties that have little practical use. But I did come across an example where shiny robots with smiley faces were actually [...]

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